The Perfect Interview Dress – My 2nd SewDollyClackett Entry!

Hi again!

Today I also want to show you my second entry in the Sew Dolly Clackett contest! Here it is:


The Perfect Interview Dress, Vintage Green Leather Purse, Lola Ramona Leopard Angie P Shoes

I LOVE this dress! It’s so soft and comfy and I feel great in it! 🙂

I used the same pattern as the Groovy Girls dress, but with a dirndl skirt instead of an A-line skirt. 🙂


The fabric is a lovely soft cotton with a flower print and it’s vintage too! My mother bought it in the late 80’s to sew some curtains, but never did. I’m so happy I got to make a dress of it instead! 🙂

Here’s the back:


There is absolutely NOTHING I would change in this dress! I learned from my previous mistakes and drafted a facing for the neckline and just stitched the armholes down with some tiny slip stitches. 🙂


The green leather purse was bought by my grandmother in the early 50’s when she was working at a portfolio factory. I don’t know if she sewed just this exact purse, because she told me she mostly made suitcases.

Here’s a better view of my shoes:


Yesterday had such lovely sunshine!


Just strollin’ with the lawnmower… 


This is my absolute favourite dress so far! I love it! ❤

Have a great day! 🙂


My Birthday Wishlist 2013!

Happy November, everyone!

I know many people think November is the greyest and most boring month in the year. Many people, myself included, struggles with depression through the darker months, just waiting for the sun to come back. It’s just like in “Rock-A-Doodle”! Anyone seen that? It is one of the movies I remember watching when I was little. In case you haven’t seen it, here is the trailer in Norwegian!

So, what do you think of the Norwegian language? I’ve always been curious about what Norwegian sounds like to others who doesn’t understand it 🙂

Anyway, I have always liked November, but not because of the weather. It’s because November is my birthday month! So today, I’m sharing my

Birthday Wishlist

…with you! I have made it in four different categories, so here it comes:



1. Victory by Tasha Moss (By Gum, By Golly). I absolutely love this knitting pattern, and I really want to knit it for the Knit for Victory Knit-Along

bhl anna dress

2. Anna Dress by By Hand London. I see more and more beautiful versions of this pattern!


3. Cambie Dress by Sewaholic Patterns. Such a cute dress pattern!


4. Gift Certificate by Colette Patterns. They have so many great patterns I want to try!



1. Coronation Knits by Susan Crawford. I love that scarf!


2. Manuelas Diner; Søte Fristelser by Manuela Kjeilen. This book is in Norwegian, but next year she is going to write books in English!

Big, expensive things (that I probably have to wait purchasing until I have my own home)


1. Philips PerfectCare Expert GC9246/02. The iron of my dreams!

 6779590_large_KSM150PS_CA 6779592_large_KSM150PS_CL 6779507_large_5KSM150PSEIC 6484482_KSM150PSPK

2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer (Candy Apple Red, Crystal Blue, Ice, Pink). Who doesn’t want one?

Other things


1. Pandora in Black by Miss L Fire.


2. Joan Dress in Grey by Daisy Dapper.


3. Straw Holder in glass by Jimmy’s Retro (available in Halden at Fønix)

I hope you enjoyed reading my wishlist!


*All Pictures are from the links under or Google.

A little Sunday walk

Last Sunday, Magnus and I went to Fredriksten Festning, the fortress in my hometown. We visit there quite often, because it’s a beautiful place for walking and exploring, and for photoshoots!


Magnus is very fond of taking silly pictures!


Jacket – Carlings, Scarf – KappAhl, Pants – Lindex, Ruby rubber boots – Lola Ramona, Car – 1965 Ford Taunus 17m Super

If you like my rubber boots and you’re visiting Halden, I’d recommend buying them at Fønix pĂĄ Fisketorget!


Here you can see Klokketårnet (the Belltower) from different places. The black area in the background is Sweden! These two pictures were taken yesterday, actually. Did I tell you we come here often?


Here is a picture of Magnus and me from earlier this summer. Magnus thinks the clouds look like the ones in “the Simpsons” intro. Behind us, in the grass, is my dog Falco 🙂


I’ll finish this post with two more pictures of Falco, which also enjoy walking at our local fortress! 🙂